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World News from NBC

Stabbing Rampage: Students 'Never Felt More Safe' in Return
<div>"FR, you are loved."Members of the Murrsyville, Pa., community lined the streets and held up signs early Wednesday so that students headed for Franklin Regional High School could see their support.</div><img width='1' height='1'...

Tsarnaev Can View Victim Autopsy Photos: Judge
<div>A federal judge ruled Wednesday that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving suspect in the bomb attack on the Boston Marathon, will be allowed to see autopsy photos of the victims.The judge, George O'Toole of U.S.</div><img width='1'...

Jameis Winston Rape Probe Ripped by Prosecutor
<div><p>Florida state's attorney charged with handling the investigation into rape allegations against Florida State's star quarterback assailed police.</p></div><img width='1' height='1'...

Ukraine, Pro-Russia Forces in Uneasy Standoff in Eastern Ukraine
<div>Ukrainian and pro-Russian forces traded public displays of strength in eastern Ukraine on Wednesday as separatist tensions threatened to boil over.</div><img width='1' height='1'...

Did GM Reject Safer Ignition Switch Design in 2001 Because of Cost?
<div>Newly released internal GM documents reveal that the company in 2001 considered -- and rejected - an ignition switch design that two prominent safety advocates say could have avoided the problem that led the automaker to recall millions of...

Housing Starts Rose as Weather Warmed, But Less Than Expected
<div>Groundbreaking on new homes rose less than expected in March and building permits fell, pointing to underlying weakness in the housing market that could persist despite better weather.The Commerce Department said on Wednesday that housing...

The 'Zero-Emission' Engine Is Almost Ready for Prime Time
<div>STUTTGART, Germany - At the Mercedes-Benz headquarters here, a showroom display illustrates the rapid evolution of the iconic luxury brand's hydrogen-fueled cars.In a 1992 prototype, the fuel cell takes up the entire cargo area of a...

Chilean Residents Return to Fire-Ravaged Town
<div><p>Residents of Chile's fire-stricken Valparaiso attempt to get back on their feet after deadly fires killed 13 people and destroyed 2,000 homes.</p></div><img width='1' height='1'...

Denver Woman's 13-Minute-Long 911 Call Ends With Fatal Gunshot
<div>A Denver woman who spent nearly 15 frantic minutes on the phone with a 911 dispatcher was killed Monday night by a bullet to the head before help arrived.</div><img width='1' height='1'...

It's the '90s Again! Veruca Salt Announces Reunion Tour
<div><p>The band, which found fame with the 1994 hit song &quot;Seether,&quot; announced the 15 shows on Tuesday.</p></div><img width='1' height='1'...

U.S., Russia to Meet on Ukraine as Tensions Quickly Rise
<div><p>The United States, European, Russian and Ukrainian officials will meet today for the first time in Geneva to try and resolve the crisis in the Ukraine. NBC News' Tracie Potts reports.</p></div><img width='1'...

GM to Seek Court Protection Against Faulty Ignition Lawsuits
<div>General Motors, which is recalling 2.6 million cars, says it will ask a federal bankruptcy court to bar plaintiffs from proceeding with lawsuits against the automaker for claims related to any actions before it filed for bankruptcy in...

Mixed Pics of Will Ferrell, Pharrell Williams Equal a 'Handsome' Man
<div><p>An enterprising, creative soul married photos of actor Will Ferrell and musician Pharrell Williams and the results were pretty terrific.</p></div><img width='1' height='1'...

Medical Milestone: No Longer Conjoined, Twins Begin Journey Home
<div><p>In a major milestone, formerly conjoined twins are finally starting the journey home with their parents, Jenni and Dave Ezell.</p></div><img width='1' height='1'...

Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta-Jones Walk 1st Red Carpet Since Split
<div><p>The pair attended the opening night of the play &quot;The Library&quot; at The Public Theater in New York.</p></div><img width='1' height='1'...

Ukraine Crisis: NATO Boosts Military Presence in Eastern Europe
<div>NATO vowed Wednesday to toughen its military presence in Eastern Europe in response to Russian aggression in Ukraine."We will have more planes in the air, more ships on the water and more readiness on the land," Secretary-General Anders...

High-Tech Farmer Deploys Drone to Spray Crops
<div>A Chinese farmer uses a drone to spray pesticide on his crops in Bozhou, Anhui province, on Tuesday.China's economy expanded 7.4 percent year-on-year in the first three months of the year, the government said Wednesday, marking a further...

Thank You, 42: How Baseball Celebrated Jackie Robinson
<div><p>How Major League Baseball celebrated the 67th anniversary of the day Jackie Robinson broke the sport's color barrier.</p></div><img width='1' height='1'...

South Korean Ferry Capsizes and Sinks, Hundreds Missing
<div><p>A ferry mainly carrying students on a high school trip capsized and sank off South Korea's coast.</p></div><img width='1' height='1' src=''...

William and Kate arrive in Australia with Prince George
<div><p>The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge land in Australia at the start of a 10-day tour.</p></div><img width='1' height='1' src='' border='0'/><br...

Female Lawmaker Defiant After Assassination Bid in Afghanistan
<div>KABUL, Afghanistan -- Gunmen sprayed a prominent female politician's vehicle with bullets in the Afghan capital on Tuesday but the victim remained defiant.Mariam Koofi was hospitalized with a wounded leg, according to her family. Her wounds...

Massive Gray Whale Washes Up On Oregon Beach
<div><p>Residents of Seaside, Oregon are cringing from the smell of a 40-foot dead and decomposing gray whale that floated onto the beach. KGW's Kyle Iboshi Reports.</p></div><img width='1' height='1'...

Pope asks kids to hop in popemobile
<div><p>Pope picks two boys to ride in popemobile ahead of his general audience in St. Peter's Square.</p></div><img width='1' height='1' src=''...

Legal Expenses Sink Bank of America Earnings
<div>Bank of America posted a first-quarter loss as the No. 2 U.S. bank recorded $6 billion in litigation expenses related to a settlement with the Federal Housing Finance Agency and other mortgage-related matters.</div><img width='1'...

Divers Search Sunken South Korea Ferry For Hundreds of Missing
<div>SEOUL, South Korea -- Divers were battling strong currents around a sunken ferry in the hunt for survivors, officials in South Korea said Wednesday as the increasingly desperate rescue operation was extended into the hours of darkness.Almost...

Entertainment News

Drew Barrymore's shower for her second child brought big names to her house in the Hollywood Hills over the weekend. Sources tell E! News that the events lasted all afternoon on Saturday (April 12th) and included around 50 guests.

The insider revealed, "It was a big backyard party with around 50 guests. Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow were in attendance along with many of Drew's close friends and some of Will's family. Everyone had a great afternoon out in the sun. There was tons of laughter and music coming from the house. Drew was so happy to see her friends and have one last shindig before the baby comes later this month. It was a really relaxed atmosphere and all about getting together with the people she loves. Reese was one of the first guests to arrive and one of the last to leave. She had a great afternoon celebrating Drew."

  • Drew's Charlie's Angels co-star Cameron Diaz was also in attendance.
  • The 38-year-old is expected to give birth to her second daughter in about two weeks. She and husband Will Kopelman are also parents to Olive who was born in September 2012.

Cameron Diaz views every relationship as a learning experience. The actress opens up in the May issue of InStyle about the idea of monogamy and her own relationship history.

She reveals, "I don't know if anyone is really naturally monogamous. We all have the same instincts as animals. But we live in a society where it's been ingrained in us to do these things. I'm 41 years old -- I've been through everything, OK? I'm grateful for all of it -- whether it was quick and passing or something that lingered too long." Cameron adds, "There is not one thing I've been through that hasn't been a lesson that led me to this moment, and I can't believe how great life keeps getting."

Dancing With the Stars' Tony Dovolani isn't happy that he was made out to be the villain during a recent argument with partner NeNe Leakes on the show. The dancer is attempting to clear things up by telling his side of the story to Us Weekly.

He told the magazine, "Apparently I was the villain. We had just both flown a red-eye to New York, we were both tired, the switch-up didn't do us any good. It put a bump in the road and we had a little tiff! What couple doesn't? They chose to show ours and make a story out of it...and that's fine."

  • NeNe told Tony that it seemed like he had an attitude with her during their first rehearsal since he was temporarily partnered with Candace Cameron Bure during switch-up week. She said to him, "You've got an attitude. If you want to go back to Candace, you call production so you can go back to Candace...I don't deserve an attitude. So goodbye."
  • Dovolani added that he and NeNe have apologized to each other since their little spat last week.

Many long-running TV shows end up having their "jump the shark" moment and James Van Der Beek knows when it happened for Dawson's Creek. The Friends With Better Lives actor participated in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit on Monday (April 14th) where he reflected on his days in Capeside.

When asked by a fan when he thought Dawson's Creek jumped the shark he responded, "When I had to convince Katie's character to wear a wire to snitch on her drug dealing dad because a Molotov cocktail had been thrown through a window, I remember thinking, "What show am I on again?" But then we crossed back over and got back to more relationship stuff. Six head writers in six years will take you all over the map." He went on to discuss why there was such a high turnover rate in the writer's room saying, "I think it was more a function of our writers being in such high demand that they were eventually wooed with offers to create their own shows, or just a matter of someone coming into an already established show with a very specific voice and everyone realizing a few steps down the road that it just wasn't quite the right fit."

Andrew Garfield doesn't have any qualms about rocking tights that show off his goods while saving lives on-screen as Spider-Man. The 30-year-old actor recently explained why being the web-slinger requires him to be comfortable with his body and having to consider how much is too much when it comes to how tightly the costume hugs his body.

Andrew joked on an Australian TV show, "It takes a lot of consideration because you don't want it to be overwhelming and also you don't want it to be underwhelming. You don't want it to intimidate and you don't want it to the opposite of intimidate. So, yes there is thought but ultimately you have to trust that what you have is enough." He added, "I had one focus group -- and that focus group was Emma. She approved."

  • The UK native also recently chatted with Metro UK about being comfortable in his skin saying, "I love being naked. It's important to be naked and be in touch with our bodies and not have shame about what we're made of. I love being in touch with nature and my own nature."

ROSIE O'DONNELL SLAM LINDSAY LOHAN REALITY SHOW: Rosie O'Donnell took to Twitter on Sunday (April 13th) to express how disturbed she was from watching Lindsay Lohan's docu-series on OWN. The outspoken comedian wrote, "The Lindsay show is a tragedy -- on every level -- I hope one day she gets sober for real and watches these episodes -- n sees what we all do." She later added to her disappointment with the show by writing, "So a chat with O can cure addiction and mental illness s#vzc@#@j @#n#m." Rosie also compared Lindsay's plight to another celebrity who publicly fought addiction adding, "Remember Whitney anyone ?????" in reference to Whitney Houston.

HEIDI KLUM IN HOT WATER OVER 'GERMANY'S NEXT TOP MODEL' PHOTO SHOOT: Heidi Klum has come under fire for promoting a racially insensitive photo shoot which took place on a recent episode of Germany's Next Top Model. The shoot featured the aspiring models made up to look like Native Americans by donning headdresses and face paint. She shared the photos on her Facebook page a few weeks back and was quickly called out for being culturally and racially offensive. A spokesperson for the show issues a statement saying, "By no means was our intention to insult Native Americans or in any way demean their heritage. We sincerely apologize."

MEGAN FOX DISCUSSES WORKING WITH MICHAEL BAY AGAIN: Megan Fox is singing a different tune about Michael Bay years after comparing him to Hitler and Napoleon in Wonderland magazine back in 2009. She was promoting her work in his new adaptation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Entertainment Weekly saying, "He was one of the most lovely people that I dealt with in making this movie. I've always loved Michael. We've had our battles in the past but even when I've been really outspoken about difficulties we've had, I've always followed up by saying that I have a particular affinity to him. He can be very vulnerable, and he's very likeable and loveable. I've always been very vocal about that as well. But, sometimes we clash because we both have very willful, powerful personalities."

JOHNNY WEIR'S DIVORCE MAY BE BACK ON: Less than 24-hours after reports surfaced that Johnny Weir may be reconciling with husband Victor Voronov, sources tell Radar Online that the split may be back on. An insider told the website, "Johnny and Victor are once again broken up, and it's because of Johnny's mom interfering. Victor thinks Johnny's mother has too much control of him, and has treated him like a second class citizen. Johnny never defends Victor to his mother, and it has just gotten out of control in the brief time the couple was broken up. According to Victor, there can't be three people in the marriage. For now, the two are again at war with each other, with plans for the divorce to proceed."

PAUL RUDD STEPS OUT LOOKING BUFF: Paul Rudd stepped out for a little fun in the sun on vacation late last week showing off the physique he has been working on for his latest project, The 45-year-old was flaunting his bulging biceps which he has been building up for his new gig as star of Marvel's upcoming film Ant-Man. The film will be hitting theaters on July 17th, 2015.

'MAGIC MIKE 2' GETS A RELEASE DATE: The upcoming sequel to Magic Mike will be getting a summer release. According to Deadline, Magic Mike XXL has been set for July 3, 2015 opening up against the next Terminator film. The project is being co-written by Channing Tatum and Reid Carolin. Steven Soderbergh will hand directing duties over to his go-to assistant director Greg Jacobs.

FINAL SEASON OF 'GLEE' WILL INVOLVE A TIME JUMP: Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy has revealed that the final season of the show next year will not be focused in New York City and will actually do a time leap ahead of where things leave off at the end of the current season. He explained to E! News, "We are going to do a time jump, and that's really all I'll say. My feeling about the last season of Glee is very clear, and that is that we will be reaching out to all of the regulars on the show, that original group of Glee club members and the teachers, and anybody who wants to come back can come back. Anybody who wants to be a part of the show, we welcome them."

'TRUE DETECTIVE' WAS HBO'S HIGHEST RATED FRESHMAN SERIES: True Detective has officially become the most-watched freshman series in the history of HBO. The drama starring Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson earned an average of 11.9 viewers per episode. The previous record was held by Six Feet Under which averaged 11.4 million.

FOX TO AIR BEHIND-THE-SCENES SPECIAL ON '24: LIVE ANOTHER DAY': Fox has announced plans to air a behind-the-scenes special preview of 24: Live Another Day. It will include chats with the stars, director, and producers as well as a look at the new London setting. The 30-minute program will air on May 3rd -- two days before the two-hour premiere of the return of Jack Bauer.

NBC RELEASES TRAILER FOR 'ROSEMARY'S BABY': The official trailer for NBC's remake of Rosemary's Baby has been released. The two-part movie premieres on May 11th. It stars Zoe Saldana in the role of Rosemary -- originally played by Mia Farrow in the 1968 film.


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