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World News from NBC

Chaos: Soldier Killed in Canadian Capital Shooting
Police in Ottawa, Canada, hunt a suspected gunman following a shooting at the city's parliament.<img width='1' height='1' src='' border='0'/><br...

'Strength Coming Back': NBC News Freelancer Speaks Out
'I can feel my strength coming back every day,' says the NBC News freelancer who contracted Ebola in Liberia and was declared virus-free Tuesday.<img width='1' height='1' src=''...

Space Station Cosmonauts Breeze Through Spacewalk
Two Russian astronauts wrapped up a speedy, 3 -1/2-hour spacewalk to replace science experiments and jettison two unneeded antenna.<img width='1' height='1' src='' border='0'/><br...

Florida City Latest to Restrict Feeding Homeless
Commissioners in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, approved restrictions to discourage homelessness that has seemed to increase in warm cities in the South.<img width='1' height='1' src=''...

How NBC News Freelancer Survived Ebola
Being young and healthy helped Ashoka Mukpo pull through Ebola, but he'll be weak for months, doctors who treated him said Wednesday.<img width='1' height='1' src=''...

Bungled Air Bag Alerts Leave Car Owners Scrambling
After the nation's highway safety watchdog botched alerts about defects in almost 8 million air bags, owners wonder if they can get theirs fixed.<img width='1' height='1' src=''...

DNA Reveals When Neanderthals and Humans Mated
A genetic analysis of the 45,000-year-old bone of a man from Siberia is helping to pinpoint when modern humans and Neanderthals first interbred<img width='1' height='1' src=''...

New Testing Starts on Experimental Ebola Vaccine
U.S. health officials say they've started human testing of another new Ebola vaccine at a government-run hospital outside Washington.<img width='1' height='1' src=''...

UNC Probe Finds Bogus Classes Pushed on Athletes
Student athletes made up about half of the 3,100 students who took the so-called "paper classes" between 1993-2001, an investigation found.<img width='1' height='1' src=''...

D.C. Teacher Had Sex With Student on First Day: Cops
The 22-year-old substitute teacher was arrested after engaging in sex acts with the 17-year-old at Options Public Charter School, police said.<img width='1' height='1' src=''...

U.S. Weapons Airdropped Over Syria Were Seized by ISIS
The Pentagon confirmed earlier reports that some weapons and supplies airdropped to pro-U.S. rebels early Monday were grabbed by ISIS fighters.<img width='1' height='1' src=''...

Bank of America: Sorry for Double Charging on Apple Pay
A number of Bank of America customers took to Twitter to complain they were charged twice for purchases they made using Apple's new system.<img width='1' height='1' src=''...

Four Blackwater Guards Found Guilty in Iraq Shootings
A federal jury on Wednesday returned guilty verdicts for four former Blackwater security guards charged in the 2007 shootings of more than 30 Iraqis.<img width='1' height='1' src=''...

Chaos in Canada's Capital: Soldier Killed in Shooting
Police in Ottawa, Canada, hunt a suspected gunman following a shooting at the city's parliament.<img width='1' height='1' src='' border='0'/><br...

Tired, Tense: Pistorius Endures First Night in Prison
Oscar Pistorius spent his first night of a five-year jail term in a single cell in the hospital wing of a prison in South Africa's capital, Pretoria.<img width='1' height='1' src=''...

Poll: 70 Percent of Young People Harassed Online
A new poll shows that 40 percent of Internet users have been personally harassed online and 73 percent have seen it happen to other people.<img width='1' height='1' src=''...

Florida Woman Sets Boyfriend on Fire: Cops
Police say a Clearwater woman set her boyfriend on fire during an argument after a night of drinking.<img width='1' height='1' src='' border='0'/><br...

'Goodfellas' Actor Sues Fox Over 'Simpsons' Mobster
Two decades after "The Simpsons" introduced its Wiseguys, actor Frank Sivero has filed a $250 million suit claiming he created one of the characters.<img width='1' height='1' src=''...

Shots Fired: Video Captures Gunfire in Canadian Parliament
Reporter from Canada's The Globe and Mail was on the scene as shots were fired inside the parliament building in Ottawa.<img width='1' height='1' src='' border='0'/><br...

Shots Fired: Video Captures Gunfire in Canadian Parliament
Reporter from Canada's The Globe and Mail was on the scene as shots were fired inside the parliament building in Ottawa.<img width='1' height='1' src='' border='0'/><br...

Out of the Doghouse: Ebola Nurse's Pooch Virus-Free
Bentley, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel belonging to one of the two nurses who contracted Ebola in Dallas, has tested negative for the virus.<img width='1' height='1' src=''...

Charges Unlikely for Syria-Bound American Teens
The trio of girls suspected of trying to join Islamist militants in Syria appear to be impressionable teens lured by the promise of romantic adventure.<img width='1' height='1' src=''...

Ebola Aware: CDC Steps Up Traveler Monitoring
The CDC says it will require all travelers from Ebola-affected countries to be actively watched for the virus.<img width='1' height='1' src='' border='0'/><br...

Suspected Indiana Serial Killer Refuses to Speak in Court
Darren Deon Vann, 43, is suspected of killing at least seven women and may have murdered others since the 1990s, Indiana police said.<img width='1' height='1' src=''...

Police Confirm Multiple Suspects Involved in Canadian Shootings
A soldier was shot Wednesday in the Canadian capital of Ottawa, and a suspected gunman went into Parliament, authorities said.<img width='1' height='1' src='' border='0'/><br...

Entertainment News

Photos of Renee Zellweger at the Elle Women in Hollywood event made the rounds on Tuesday (October 21st) with people shocked by her drastic new appearance. The Oscar winner looked so different that Gawker had to clarify that their source, Getty Images, had labeled the correct woman as Renee.

Rumors circulated last year that she had gotten work done and was suffering from an eating disorder which she addressed in an interview with UK's Daily Express saying, "When you read reports that you are starving yourself or that you are anorexic it's very unfair and disappointing. It's not very pleasant to read reports which say you've gone too far or this or that." She went on to credit a dedicated gym regimen for her changing appearance.

  • The Chicago star has not made a movie since 2010 but has two projects lined up for next year.

Side by Side Comparison:

Renee Zellweger - You Look... Like Someone Else What do you think of her latest look?

— Harvey Levin (@HarveyLevinTMZ) October 21, 2014
Sam Lufti is fully aware of his negative reputation in the media and he wants to set the record straight. The man who has had close ties with Britney Spears, Courtney Love, and most recently, Amanda Bynes, has written an open letter for XO Jane in attempt to explain his connection to the three troubled women.

He writes, "If you read anything in the media right now I'm described one of two ways: "shady" or "Svengali." Putting aside the racist and anti-Semitic problems of those two words, there is also one other huge issue with them: They are absolutely dead wrong. I've worked in Hollywood for a long time, and over the years these experiences have led me to see what happens when too much fame and too much money can sometimes get the best of celebrities. I am a problem solver, and I care about helping people get out of what may seem like some of their more difficult places in life. Which is why you have seen me associated with some of the more famous celebrities when they are in their most trying hours: Britney Spears, Courtney Love and now Amanda Bynes. Also intertwined with all of these women is a lot of media scrutiny and much wrangling over money, control and influence. So it makes sense that my name has been dragged through the mud more times than I can count. People fight dirty in Hollywood. They do what they need to do to come out on top and to claim the seat next to the most powerful. This has never been my M.O. I am a person who loves a good comeback story. I consider myself somewhat of a comeback, and I am also not afraid to get dirty in the process. If I need to be slandered in order to help other people get better -- or to help their reputations get better -- I have absolutely no problem with that. It's never been about me. It's been about them. Courtney asked me to write this in order to help stop some of the misinformation campaigns that have been nonstop over the last few weeks as Bynes has been more in the spotlight than ever. All I can tell you is that Amanda is getting the help that she needs and that I am working closely with her and her family in order to ensure that we can move on from the tabloid sensationalism of her "breakdown" and instead concentrate on what a rare, talented young woman she has always been and continues to be. Amanda is a beautiful, amazing and very strong woman who has been through a lot. So are Courtney and Britney. Like me, they are also survivors. Call me whatever name you need to but please, leave these women alone."

  • The letter also includes a photo of a text from Courtney showing her support for Sam and claiming that Lynn Spears, Britney's mother, made up lies about him.

Shia LaBeouf admits in the new issue of Interview that Ben Affleck tried to offer him some advice during his time in need which he didn't take.

The former Disney star explains, "Ben is a really charming dude. He was the first guy who really took me off to the side and made me feel like I could do it. He said, 'Keep your head on straight, kid, and don't let all this get to you.' He knew that I had cameras in my face and that there were expectations to perform. I think that's always been my issue. I'm prone to theatrics in my life. Ben saw that and was trying to curb it before it became an issue. He was unsuccessful."

  • Shia also tells the magazine that he is reforming his ways through religion.

Jennifer Garner was a featured speaker at Elle's Women in Hollywood event on Monday (October 20th) where she discussed a recent press junket that became a prime example of sexism in Hollywood.

She told the crowd, "The fact that there even needs to be a Women in Hollywood event is a little bit sad. I mean, the men in Hollywood event is every day -- it's called Hollywood. Fifty-one percent of the population should not have to have to schedule a special event to celebrate the fact that in an art that tells the story of what it means to be human and alive, we get to play a part. So for example, my husband and I do kind of the same job, a little bit. Not long ago we both had one of those magical days, we call it a junket, where we both attended these lovely events where people come in every four minutes, they ask the same questions over and over again, you know the drill. We got home at night and we compared notes. And I told him every single person who interviewed me, I mean every single one, and this is true of the red carpet here tonight Elle, asked me, 'How do you balance work and family?' and he said the only thing that people asked him repeatedly was about the tits on the 'Blurred Lines' girl, which, for the record if we're talking about them, they are real and they are fabulous. Take a look and enjoy. As for work-life balance, he said no one asked him about it that day. As a matter of fact, no one had ever asked him about it. And we do share the same family. Isn't it time to kinda change that conversation?"

  • The "Blurred Lines" girl is Ben Affleck's Gone Girl co-star Emily Ratajkowski.

NYC HOMEOWNERS UPSET WITH SARAH JESSICA PARKER: The people that own the West Village brownstone in New York City that was the fictional home to Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City are upset with Sarah Jessica Parker for taking an unauthorized photo shoot on their steps. According to Page Six, the owners and surrounding neighbors have been increasingly annoyed with tourists visiting the address so they put up a metal chain asking people not to go on the staircase. Sarah reportedly ignored the sign and took a photo shoot on the steps for her line of shoes earlier in October without getting permission to do so. A source said, "The owners are up in arms as they deal with relentless tourists, and SJP has ignored their requests for an explanation on how she could endorse the shoot, even though 'no trespassing' signs are posted. SJP used their house during the years of filming, and now won't acknowledge that she and her company used the steps and facade, this time without permission, to promote her shoe line." A rep for Sarah Jessica said she could not be reached to comment on the story.

KRIS JENNER CAUGHT USING FILTERS: Kris Jenner is being accused of using Instagram filters to try and appear younger in a recent photo she posted with Gordon Ramsey. The momager posted the picture and wrote, "Thanks so much @gordongram for the shoutout and for your amazing support!! #Legend #GordonRamsay #InTheKitchenWithKris" Gordon shared the same photo on his page but both his and Kris' faces have more noticeable lines. He captioned his photo, "Great seeing you tonight @krisjenner, can't wait read the cookbook! Gx" Kris has not confirmed or denied making changes to the photo.

COBIE SMULDERS IS PREGNANT: Cobie Smulders is pregnant. Her rep has confirmed that she is expecting her second child with husband Taran Killam. The former How I Met Your Mother star and Saturday Night Live cast member are also parents to five-year-old daughter Shaelyn Cado.

GOOGLE ATTEMPTS TO REMOVE JENNIFER LAWRENCE NUDE PHOTOS: Google attempted to avoid legal issues from the hacked celebrities by removing a few of the websites featuring Jennifer Lawrence's pictures from their search results. The removed sites popped up again within a few hours under a new name. Google previously addressed their effort to remove the photos by releasing a statement saying, "We've removed tens of thousands of pictures within hours of the requests being made -- and we have closed hundreds of accounts. The internet is used for many good things. Stealing people’s private photos is not one of them."

DAVID ARQUETTE'S FIGHT WITH FIANCEE CAUGHT ON VIDEO: TMZ has acquired a video of David Arquette fighting with fiancée Christina McLarty where he appears to try and end their relationship. The video was shot on Friday (October 17th) and shows David walking away from Christina saying, "I'm done. Just like your last guy." as she is sobbing and calling for him to come back. The couple became parents to a son back in April and David told TMZ that their fight was a result of being overtired and hormonal. He assured the website that they are still engaged and in love.

BARBARA WALTERS TO INTERVIEW MORE FASCINATING PEOPLE: ABC has announced that Barbara Walters will return for another year of her most fascinating people interviews. Oprah Winfrey, Neil Patrick Harris, Chelsea Handler, and Scarlett Johansson will be sitting down with Barbara on Sunday, December 14th. More names will be revealed at a later date. Barbara said in a statement, "I was absolutely delighted when ABC approached me to do another year of 10 Most Fascinating People. I know we said last year was our last, but there are just too many fascinating people out there...and you never pass up the opportunity to interview Oprah, Neil, Chelsea or Scarlett."

THE CW ORDERS FULL SEASON FOR 'JANE THE VIRGIN' AND 'THE FLASH': The CW has ordered full seasons for freshman shows The Flash and Jane The Virgin. The series premiere of The Flash nabbed the highest ratings in the network's history. Jane premiered last week and has received a lot of praise from critics for the show's star, Gina Rodriguez. The network said in a statement, "We have had a fantastic start to our season this year, with The Flash launching as our most-watched series premiere ever, and Jane The Virgin recognized as the best new show this season by critics across the country. Over the past three seasons, we have made it our mission to grow and to broaden out our audience, and to keep raising the bar with the quality and impact of our new shows, and The Flash and Jane have both exceeded our expectations on all counts."

FX CANCELS 'THE BRIDGE': FX has decided not to renew The Bridge after two seasons. According to Deadline, the network hoped the show would grow in the ratings and critical reception in the second season but remained steady from the first year. The drama was adapted from a Scandanavian series. It starred Diane Kruger as an officer who patrols the U.S.-Mexico border.

MTV'S 'FAKING IT' GETS 1O MORE EPISODES: MTV has ordered an additional 10 episodes for the current season of Faking It. The second season premiere scored 1.043 million viewers last month. The show follows two best friends who pretend to be a lesbian couple to gain popularity.

PATRICK STEWART JOINS 'GREEN ROOM': Patrick Stewart has landed a role in the upcoming thriller Green Room. He joins fellow cast members Anton Yelchin and Imogen Poots. The film is about a punk band who witnesses a murder by a group of racist skinheads. Stewart will play the leader of the white supremacist group.

Sofia Vergara appeared to have a strange encounter with her ex-fiancé, Nick Loeb, on the red carpet of the Angel Ball in New York City on Monday night (October 20th.) Witnesses say Nick approached her from behind while she was posing for photos and whispered into her ear.

Us Weekly is reporting that he simply said, "Good to see you." Sofia was allegedly shocked by his presence at the party and gave him the cold shoulder all night. The Modern Family star's current boyfriend, Joe Manganiello, was not at the event.

  • Nick was spotted getting close to Sharon Stone last month.
  • He and Sofia broke off their engagement last May. They were photographed getting together again last month in New York City but sources said at the time that it was just a friendly meet up.


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